Commit ed0797c1 authored by Dion Häfner's avatar Dion Häfner
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[cli] allow MPI runs without mpiexec

parent 8687dc35
import functools
import sys
import time
import click
......@@ -75,17 +77,37 @@ def cli(run):
help='Write a performance profile for debugging (default: false)')
@click.option('-n', '--num-proc', nargs=2, default=[1, 1], type=click.INT,
help='Number of processes in x and y dimension (requires execution via mpirun)')
@click.option('--slave', default=False, is_flag=True, hidden=True)
def wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
from veros import runtime_settings
def wrapped(*args, slave, **kwargs):
from veros import runtime_settings, runtime_state
total_proc = kwargs['num_proc'][0] * kwargs['num_proc'][1]
if total_proc > 1 and runtime_state.proc_num == 1 and not slave:
from mpi4py import MPI
comm = MPI.COMM_SELF.Spawn(
args=['-m', 'mpi4py'] + list(sys.argv) + ['--slave'],
futures = [comm.irecv(source=p) for p in range(total_proc)]
while not all(f.test()[0] for f in futures):
kwargs['override'] = dict(kwargs['override'])
for setting in ('backend', 'profile_mode', 'num_proc', 'loglevel'):
if setting not in kwargs:
setattr(runtime_settings, setting, kwargs.pop(setting))
run(*args, **kwargs)
run(*args, **kwargs)
if slave:
runtime_settings.mpi_comm.Get_parent().send(None, dest=0)
return wrapped
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