Commit 794e2067 authored by Dion Häfner's avatar Dion Häfner

add test for distributed execution without mpiexec

parent a4d2a5c1
...@@ -226,3 +226,18 @@ def test_acc(backend): ...@@ -226,3 +226,18 @@ def test_acc(backend):
)) ))
run_dist_kernel(test_kernel) run_dist_kernel(test_kernel)
@pytest.mark.skipif(ON_GPU, reason='Cannot run MPI and OpenCL')
def test_acc_nompirun(backend):
from veros.setup.acc import acc
'-m', 'mpi4py',
'-n', '2', '2',
'-b', backend,
'-s' 'diskless_mode', '1',
'-s', 'runlen', '864000'
], stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
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