Commit cbdaf456 authored by Sebastian Milinski's avatar Sebastian Milinski
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script for gathering sfc pressure (all expts)

parent 3db653c5
# This script only invokes the script.
# common variables
bash ${script} -e rcp85 -o ${outdir} -v aps
bash ${script} -e hist -o ${outdir} -v aps
bash ${script} -e rcp26 -o ${outdir} -v aps
bash ${script} -e rcp45 -o ${outdir} -v aps
bash ${script} -e onepct -o ${outdir} -v aps
bash ${script} -e pictrl -o ${outdir} -v aps -r0 1
bash ${script} -e pictrl -o ${outdir} -v aps -r0 2
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