Commit 53d4ad97 authored by Merret Buurman's avatar Merret Buurman
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Added warning to newer version (that this is not necesarily the *newest*).

parent 22c95ce4
......@@ -76,7 +76,11 @@
<td class="leftcol">Newer version</td>
<td><a href="{{handle}}">hdl:{{newerversion}}</a></td>
<a href="{{handle}}">hdl:{{newerversion}}</a>
<span class="note"><img height="20px" src="/static/warning_cmip6_green_transparent.png"><strong>&nbsp;This is not necessarily the most recent version.</strong> Please refer to this version's landing page to find out if it has been replaced by an even newer version.</span>
{% else %}
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