Commit caf3efcf authored by katharina.berger's avatar katharina.berger

fix query

parent 7a77f9c3
......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ def get_list_of_new_mapfiles(log, project, project_config, scan_directory, outpu
# query local Solr for published replica of the data"\tChecking local Solr=%s for replica of dataset=%s" % (local_master_solr_url, instance_id))
replica_query = 'instance_id:%s&replica:true&retracted=false' % instance_id
replica_query = 'instance_id:%s&replica:true&retracted:false' % instance_id
fields = []
num_found = query_solr(log, replica_query, None, solr_url=local_master_solr_url, solr_core='datasets')
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