Commit 8f2bd2b9 authored by Florian Ziemen's avatar Florian Ziemen
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venus muss noch

parent a5f22716
......@@ -6109,25 +6109,25 @@
<Property name="RGBPoints" id="25886.RGBPoints" number_of_elements="20">
<Element index="0" value="-1"/>
<Element index="1" value="1"/>
<Element index="1" value="0"/>
<Element index="2" value="1"/>
<Element index="3" value="0"/>
<Element index="4" value="-0.10000000000000009"/>
<Element index="5" value="1"/>
<Element index="3" value="1"/>
<Element index="4" value="-0.09999999999999998"/>
<Element index="5" value="0"/>
<Element index="6" value="0"/>
<Element index="7" value="0"/>
<Element index="7" value="1"/>
<Element index="8" value="0"/>
<Element index="9" value="0"/>
<Element index="10" value="0"/>
<Element index="11" value="0.501960784314"/>
<Element index="12" value="0.10000000000000009"/>
<Element index="13" value="0"/>
<Element index="13" value="1"/>
<Element index="14" value="0"/>
<Element index="15" value="1"/>
<Element index="15" value="0"/>
<Element index="16" value="1"/>
<Element index="17" value="0"/>
<Element index="17" value="1"/>
<Element index="18" value="1"/>
<Element index="19" value="1"/>
<Element index="19" value="0"/>
<Property name="RescaleOnVisibilityChange" id="25886.RescaleOnVisibilityChange" number_of_elements="1">
<Element index="0" value="0"/>
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