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Change naming convention for MSVC static library (#20)

Better match for HDF5's legacy FindSZIP.cmake
parent deaaefa5
......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ find_path(libaec_INCLUDE_DIR NAMES libaec.h DOC "AEC include directory")
find_path(SZIP_INCLUDE_DIR NAMES szlib.h DOC "SZIP include directory")
if (libaec_USE_STATIC_LIBS)
if (MSVC)
find_library(libaec_LIBRARY NAMES aec_static.lib DOC "AEC library")
find_library(SZIP_LIBRARY NAMES szip_static.lib DOC "SZIP compatible version of the AEC library")
find_library(libaec_LIBRARY NAMES aec-static.lib DOC "AEC library")
find_library(SZIP_LIBRARY NAMES szip-static.lib DOC "SZIP compatible version of the AEC library")
else ()
find_library(libaec_LIBRARY NAMES libaec.a DOC "AEC library")
find_library(SZIP_LIBRARY NAMES libsz.a DOC "SZIP compatible version of the AEC library")
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ add_library(aec_static STATIC "$<TARGET_OBJECTS:aec>")
target_link_libraries(aec_static PUBLIC aec)
OUTPUT_NAME $<IF:$<BOOL:${MSVC}>,aec_static,aec>)
OUTPUT_NAME $<IF:$<BOOL:${MSVC}>,aec-static,aec>)
add_library(aec_shared SHARED "$<TARGET_OBJECTS:aec>")
target_link_libraries(aec_shared PUBLIC aec)
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ target_link_libraries(sz PUBLIC aec)
add_library(sz_static STATIC "$<TARGET_OBJECTS:sz>" "$<TARGET_OBJECTS:aec>")
OUTPUT_NAME $<IF:$<BOOL:${MSVC}>,szip_static,sz>)
OUTPUT_NAME $<IF:$<BOOL:${MSVC}>,szip-static,sz>)
target_link_libraries(sz_static PUBLIC sz)
add_library(sz_shared SHARED "$<TARGET_OBJECTS:sz>" "$<TARGET_OBJECTS:aec>")
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