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extends documention for exchanger interface

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......@@ -75,25 +75,77 @@ struct Xt_exchanger_ {
struct xt_exchanger_vtable * vtable;
* Executes a synchronous data exchange.
* @param[in] exchanger exchanger object
* @param[in] src_data source data
* @param[out] dat_data destination data
void xt_exchanger_s_exchange(Xt_exchanger exchanger, const void * src_data,
void * dst_data);
* Executes a asynchronous data exchange.
* @param[in] exchanger exchanger object
* @param[in] src_data source data
* @param[out] dat_data destination data
void xt_exchanger_a_exchange(Xt_exchanger exchanger,
const void * src_data, void * dst_data,
Xt_request *request);
* Copies an exchange object.
* @param[in] orig exchanger object to be copied
* @param[in] new_comm communicator to be used by the new exchanger
* @param[in] new_tag_offset new tag_offset
xt_exchanger_copy(Xt_exchanger orig, MPI_Comm new_comm, int new_tag_offset);
* Destructor for an exchanger.
void xt_exchanger_delete(Xt_exchanger);
* Support routine, that reorders a number of provided messages, such that
* network congestion is potentially reduced.
* @param[in] n number of messages
* @param[in,out] msgs messages to be reordered
* @param[in] msg_type_size size of the elements in msgs
* @param[in] comm communicator associated to the messages
* @remark The first data element in the messages needs to be an integer
* containing the rank.
void xt_exchanger_internal_optimize(size_t n, void * msgs, size_t msg_type_size,
MPI_Comm comm);
* gets a copy of the MPI_Datatype used for a specificed message
* @param[in] exchanger exchanger object
* @param[in] rank MPI rank
* @param[in] direction specific whether the datatype of an incoming or outgoing
* message is requested
* @return MPI_Datatype for the specificed message
* @remark returns MPI_DATATYPE_NULL if there is no message matching the
* specificed configuration
xt_exchanger_get_MPI_Datatype(Xt_exchanger exchanger,
int rank, enum xt_msg_direction direction);
* Gets the ranks of all processes that receive data from/send data to the local
* process in the specificed message.
* @param[in] exchanger exchanger object
* @param[in] direction specifices whether ranks for the outgoing or incoming
* messages are requested
* @param[out] ranks ranks for all outgoing/incoming messages
* @return number of outgoing/incoming message
* @remark the user needs to ensure that array ranks is big enough to hold all
* ranks
xt_exchanger_get_msg_ranks(Xt_exchanger exchanger,
enum xt_msg_direction direction,
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