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# Introduction
This project provides scripts to build and install the libraries
needed for ICON into working configurations with as little effort as
needed for ICON I/O into working configurations with as little effort
as possible.
The intention is, on the one hand, to gather recipes that allowed for
a successful build at multiple sites to highlight the specific and
general issues involved and keep track of required patches. On the
other hand it is hoped that this way, should a new, desirable version
of some library arise, recompiling the whole stack becomes an easier
affair. Since the libraries need to be consistent with each other, the
aspect of rapidly building the whole stack and running the
corresponding test suites should improve confidence that the resulting
installation can actually be used for ICON.
# Scope
This script facilitates a consistent from-source installation for the
following packages:
+ __libaec__ Adaptive entropy encoding data compression library, used
by __hdf5__ and __eccodes__.
+ __HDF5__ Data container library commonly used by netcdf version 4 and
+ __Pnetcdf__, also known as __parallel-netcdf__
A library for parallel access to those file formats of the netcdf
library not using the HDF5 library.
+ __NetCDF-C__
A library to access a data file format common in a number of
physical sciences.
+ __netcdf-fortran__
A Fortran wrapper library for netcdf-c.
+ __eccodes__
A library to read and/or write data in the WMO GRIB1 and GRIB2
formats. Provided by ECMWF.
+ __YAXT__
Facilitates various data exchanges for arrays distributed over
multiple MPI tasks. Effectively removes the necessity to code
invidual MPI message passing calls.
+ __PPM__
Partitioning and Parallelization Module, a library to aid in various
recurring tasks of parallel programs.
+ __CDI__
Provides an abstraction for multiple data formats to ease switching
between COARDS conforming netCDF and WMO GRIB formats.
Includes the *CDI-PIO* parallelization layer needed for parallel
output from a number of climate/weather models.
FIXME: add URLs for information on individual libraries.
## Scripts Overview
The supplied scripts provide the following:
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack.sh__
This is the main driver that is used by all the system-specific
scripts. It provides the basic recipes and takes care of the
dependencies and general handling of static and/or dynamic
libraries. It provides various seams (see above) to customize its
operation to the specific properties of the target system.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-daint-cce.sh__
Builds the library stack for Piz Daint at CSCS with the current Cray
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-daint-cce-10.0.2.sh__
Builds the library stack for Piz Daint at CSCS with the older Cray
compiler version 10.0.2.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-daint-pgi.sh__
Builds the library stack for Piz Daint at CSCS with the PGI
compiler version 20.1.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-juwels-booster-pgi.sh__
Builds the libraries for JSC JUWELS Booster with the NVidia
compilers, version 20.11.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-mistral-intel-openmpi2.sh__
Builds the libraries on DKRZ Mistral with the Intel compiler, version
17.0.6 for compatibility with more user setups.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-mistral-nag-openmpi2.sh__
Builds the libraries on DKRZ Mistral with the NAG compiler version 6.2.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-vader-gcc-10.2-ompi-4.0.5.sh__
Builds the whole stack on the DKRZ ML cluster with gcc 10.2.0 and
OpenMPI 4.0.5.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-vader-icc-impi.sh__
Builds the whole stack on the DKRZ ML cluster with Intel compiler
2021.1 and Intel MPI 2021.1.
+ __build-cdi-pio-stack-vader-icc-impi-O0.sh__
Builds the whole stack on the DKRZ ML cluster with Intel compiler
2021.1 and Intel MPI 2021.1 in a debugging configuration.
After some initial difficulties, most of the wrappers can now perform
the build in tmpfs filesystem for much improved speed.
## Invoking the main driver script
The main driver can be passed the following settings via
command-line arguments (preferred) or via environment variables:
Number of parallel make jobs to use. Default is to use 22 tasks.
Extra arguments to pass to make. This can e.g. be used to set some
common make variables not treated explicitly below.
+ __make__
Name of make program to invoke. This defaults to the value of the
MAKE variable, or, if unset, to make, or gmake when make can not be
found in the PATH.
+ __build__
A tag to represent the build target, usually by the name and version
of compiler and MPI library.
+ __stages__ runs the following steps for each package it
considers to be built:
+ *download* Download the source package archives and/or git clones.
+ *unpack* Expands archived sources and applies patches. Note that
patches are only applied at the initial unpacking. Once the source
directory exists, no patches are applied.
+ *build* Performs the configure && make steps of the build for
every package with unfinished installation.
+ *check* Runs make check in each build directory.
+ *install* Performs a `make install` for each package not already
Optionally the *recheck* stage re-runs the test suite of packages
already successfully installed.
Separating the stages is most useful for situations where the
download must be carried out on another system because the HPC
system blocks some network connections or for systems where the
environment for running make check is significantly different from
the build environment, e.g. because a batch allocation must be
provided for testing.
+ __CC__, __FC__, __CXX__
Command to invoke the C, Fortran and C++ compilers
respectively, defaults to mpicc, mpifort and mpic++.
Initial flag variables for the C preprocessor and compiler, the Fortran and
Fortran 77 compilers and the C++ compiler. These default to -g -O2
but it is recommended to at least add flags to adjust code
generation for the target architecture, e.g. -march=native for gcc.
+ __LIBS__ and __LDFLAGS__
These variables are meant to hold flags and library specifications
in case some special library is needed (e.g. a custom malloc
library) or some parts of the library stack are already installed by
other means.
Program to start MPI-parallelized programs, defaults to what the
configuration scripts of the libraries pick up by automatic
configuration, typically `mpirun`. When using the Slurm batch
scheduler, `srun` is usually preferred, on Cray systems `aprun`
might be needed.
+ __libtype__
Should take one of the values `static`,`shared`, or `both`. Default is to
build shared objects only.
+ __packages_dl__
Is an associative array mapping each package to its downloadable
archive URL.
+ __CC_rpath_flag__, __FC_rpath_flag__
This defaults to -Wl,-rpath, and is meant to be the prefix for
additions to the RUNPATH and/or RPATH entries of shared objects via
compiler link step flags. Notably, FC_rpath_flag must be set to
-Wl,-Wl,,-rpath,, for the NAG Fortran compiler.
+ __package_git__, __package_git_branch__
URL and branch to use for packages to retrieve via `git clone`.
+ __basedir__
Path at which to root the following by default:
+ __archivedir__
Where to store downloaded archive files, defaults to `$basedir/archive`.
+ __srcdir__
Where to unpack the source archives to. When set to e.g.
`/some/path`, netcdf-c 4.7.4 would be unpacked to
Defaults to `$basedir/src`.
+ __builddir__
Where to perform compilations. If at all possible, it is suggested
to put this on tmpfs to reduce total build time significantly.
Defaults to `$basedir/build/$build`.
+ __prefix__
Where to install packages to, defaults to `${basedir}/opt/${build}`.
If the `multi_installs` variable is set, each package is installed
into an individual sub-directory, and the following substitutions
are performed on `$prefix`:
+ %k is replaced by the package base name, e.g. libaec
+ %n is replaced by the package base name followed by the version or
git commit hash, separated by a dash.
+ %b is replaced by `$build`.
+ %v is replaced by the package version
Tunables for netcdf-c default chunking parameters. The default
values are 4194304 and 1009 respectively.
A directory with sufficient free space for the large file tests of
the various test suites. Must be writable for programs started by
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