Commit ee4425c4 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Reduce type-dups in static redist collection.

parent af078c42
......@@ -147,16 +147,20 @@ xt_redist_collection_static_custom_new(
size_t ofs = i == 0 ? 0 : nmsg[SEND];
const MPI_Aint *disp = i == 0 ? src_displacements : dst_displacements;
generate_msg_infos(nmsg[i], num_redists_, msgs+ofs, disp, redists,
num_ranks[i], (const int *restrict (*))ranks[i], new_comm,
(enum xt_msg_direction)i);
num_ranks[i], (const int *restrict (*))ranks[i],
new_comm, (enum xt_msg_direction)i);
struct Xt_config_ config_ = *config;
config_.flags |= exch_no_dt_dup;
Xt_redist redist_collection =
(int)nmsg[SEND], (int)nmsg[RECV], msgs, msgs+nmsg[SEND], new_comm, config);
(int)nmsg[SEND], (int)nmsg[RECV], msgs, msgs+nmsg[SEND], new_comm,
xt_redist_msgs_free(nmsg_sum, msgs, new_comm);
xt_mpi_comm_smart_dedup(&new_comm, tag_offset);
return redist_collection;
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