Commit cadf6323 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸

Extend to MPI implementations older than MPI 3.

parent 8700c7e7
......@@ -91,11 +91,19 @@ static char const COMBINER_UNKOWN_STRING[] = "MPI_COMBINER_UNKOWN: Thi
struct mdt_info;
typedef MPI_Aint MPI_Count;
struct mdt_info {
char const *combiner_string;
char name_string[MPI_MAX_OBJECT_NAME];
MPI_Datatype mdt;
int pack_size;
MPI_Count pack_size;
MPI_Count lb;
MPI_Count extent;
MPI_Count true_lb;
......@@ -430,9 +438,15 @@ static void analyze_MPI_datatype_nest(const MPI_Datatype mpidt, const int nest,
int icall = 0, dummy;
info->mdt = mpidt;
info->nest = nest;
#if MPI_VERSION >= 3
wmpi(MPI_Type_size_x(mpidt, &(info->pack_size)), mynameis, icall++);
wmpi(MPI_Type_get_extent_x(mpidt, &(info->lb), &(info->extent)), mynameis, icall++);
wmpi(MPI_Type_get_true_extent_x(mpidt, &(info->true_lb), &(info->true_extent)), mynameis, icall++);
wmpi(MPI_Type_size(mpidt, &(info->pack_size)), mynameis, icall++);
wmpi(MPI_Type_get_extent(mpidt, &(info->lb), &(info->extent)), mynameis, icall++);
wmpi(MPI_Type_get_true_extent(mpidt, &(info->true_lb), &(info->true_extent)), mynameis, icall++);
wmpi(MPI_Type_get_name(mpidt, info->name_string, &(dummy)), mynameis, icall++);
wmpi(MPI_Type_get_envelope(mpidt, &(info->env_num_ints), &(info->env_num_addr),
&(info->env_num_mdt), &(info->env_combiner_id)), mynameis, icall++);
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