Commit 27a024c6 authored by Thomas Jahns's avatar Thomas Jahns 🤸
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Use enum to clarify invariant.

parent 861bd0fb
......@@ -177,11 +177,11 @@ xt_exchanger_neigh_alltoall_new(int nsend, int nrecv,
copy_from_redist_msgs((size_t)nrecv, recv_msgs, exchanger->ranks + nsend,
exchanger->datatypes + nsend, comm, dt_dup);
int reorder = 0; // no reordering of ranks in new comm
enum { no_reorder = 0 }; // no reordering of ranks in new comm
comm, nrecv, exchanger->ranks + nsend, MPI_UNWEIGHTED, nsend,
exchanger->ranks, MPI_UNWEIGHTED, MPI_INFO_NULL, reorder,
exchanger->ranks, MPI_UNWEIGHTED, MPI_INFO_NULL, no_reorder,
&(exchanger->comm)), comm);
return (Xt_exchanger)exchanger;
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