1. 29 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      cleanup: autotools: don't modify user chosen installation prefix · 2e74165a
      Nicolai Stange authored
      Currently, configure constructs a $SETUPTYPE string based on the selected
      configuration and appends that to installation prefix as given by --prefix.
      This behaviour is not only unusual, but limits the user to completely
      determine the final installation path.
      Abandon it. Namely,
      - purge the --with-mpitype option from configure,
      - do not construct a $SETUPTYPE string,
      - purge any reference to $SETUPTYPE from the Makefile.am's.
      Additionally, in order to avoid name clashs in the case of
      --enable-fakelib, install the "real" sct headers into $pkgincludedir, e.g.
      $prefix/include/sct, and the fake ones into a directory named "nosct"
      thereunder. Rename the fake libsct.la to libnosct.la.
      The above changes render the install-all make target, which reconfigures
      and rebuilds in all combinations of w/ and w/o OpenMP and MPI,
      disfunctional. Functionality of that kind is better preserved in some
      user defined wrapper scripts around the build process anyway and thus,
      purge the install-all make target.
      Finally, adapt the pkgconfig/sct.pc.in to properly reflect the changes.
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