Commit a1bedf14 authored by Hendryk Bockelmann's avatar Hendryk Bockelmann
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bug fix reported by Sergey Kosukhin for cc_opts handling

parent d7a3bd8b
......@@ -172,9 +172,10 @@ AC_DEFUN_ONCE([_AX_PROG_CC_MPI], [
AC_MSG_WARN([using CC=$CC as MPICC compiler.])
elif test -n "$CC" && test -n "$MPICC"; then
AC_MSG_WARN([overwriting CC=$MPICC. was former '$CC'])
dnl extract found options from CC if overriden by MPICC
cc_opts=${CC##* }
cc_opts="$CC "
cc_opts=${cc_opts#* }
AC_MSG_WARN([overwriting CC='$MPICC $cc_opts'. was CC='$CC' ; MPICC='$MPICC'])
CC="$MPICC $cc_opts"
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