Commit 5a0dcfc5 authored by Nicolai Stange's avatar Nicolai Stange Committed by Hendryk Bockelmann
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autotools: add sct.h to BUILT_SOURCES

sct.h is generated at build time. Add it to BUILT_SOURCES to ensure that
it gets built before anything else unconditionally.
parent ba53a33b
......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ header = $(srcdir)/sct_config.h \
nodist_pkginclude_HEADERS = sct.h
libsct_la_SOURCES = sct_collector.c sct_f2c.c sct_mach.c sct_reduce.c sct_reporter.c sct_mergesort.c sct.f90
nodist_pkginclude_HEADERS += sct.mod
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